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MyHealthAngels is an Innovative Web Platform in the Health Sector that guarantees the Organization & Management of the Medical Office, through the active participation of the Patient, by providing
Next Generation Digital Health Services, TODAY
Being in line with the International evolutions of e-health , we provide the capability to the Health Providers to offer to Patients
Personal Health Record (PHR)
MyHealthAngels can also be beneficial to Clinics, Medical Centers, Laboratories etc

Full Utilization of your Existing clientele

Transfer and integration capability of the demographic data of your patients to the new environment.

Full management of your Clinic or Medical Organization

With safety flexibility through Internet, in all your devices, with NO installation.

Interact with your patients

It creates a new digital communication channel between you (the Physician) and the Patient, while respecting the rules of medical ethics and keeping the patient’s personal data secure, thus creating and improving the physician - patient relationship.

Connection to the central e-prescription system

You, the physician, can prescribe drugs through MyHealthAngels platform, without the need of a secondary prescription System.

E-Notification feature

Automatic notification to you (the Physician), regarding the laboratory results of your patient!

API connection

The final laboratory results can automatically update the Clinical Health Records, and even the patient’s Personal Health Record too (with cooperating medical institutions).

Clinical Health Record (CHR)

For the proper organization of your clinic or multi-clinic. Complete and easy to use, quick and effective for extracting clinical conclusions about the past, the present and future of your patients!

Medical Data Services

For diagnoses, patient visits, medical notes, measurements, medical history, appointments, medications, referrals, procedures etc.

Personal Health Record (PHR)

PHR provides your Patients the ability to manage their personal medical data. Your patients do not need to carry any more their medical information (exams, laboratory results etc.), or trying always having them in the right order (chronological or other), while the risk of loss or corrupted data is eliminated. A great new Service for your patients!

Exchange of medical data

A unique approach in the exchange of medical data between you and your patients. Physicians and Patients can exchange information through the platform. The patient is cooperating better and more accurate with you, thereby he is always "in line" with you, the Physician.


Constant upgrades of the functionalities of the platform that are immediately available to you, without having to stop your daily activities (4 times per year).

International standards

Based on major international standards of medical information systems (such as HL7) and dictionaries (such as ICD-10, ICPC-2: International Classification of Primary Care), and are always updated to the full range of Greek and international medical encodings (eg ICD-10).


Referral to another Physician or laboratory: the system generates referrals for use to other physicians or health providers.

Health Promotion

Supports actions regarding the improvement of the patient’s health, while giving countervailing benefits & motives in order that the patient’s disease is ‘monitored’ more effectively.


Secured Medical Data, during transportation and storage, by using powerful & complex encryption algorithms! Furthermore each account and each transaction is completed and stored separately, for maximizing the level of security.


Quick and secure storage and recall of medical information, thus gaining time from searching.

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Medical Clasifications

International Medical Classification Standards

such as ICD10 (Diagnoses and Problems), ICPC2 (Encounters), CVX (Immunizations) etc.

Greek Medical Classification Standards

such as EOF (Medications) and ELOKIP (Procedures).

Customized Medical Classifications

for Allergies, Observations and Labresults with the ability of creating your own.

"Most Used List" Functionality

Create one or more sub-lists for any classification, for faster access to your most often used data entries.

International Standards

Secure Medical Data

MyHealthAngels secures the medical data both during transport and storage, using high security encryption algorithms.

Cloud Based Application

MyHealthAngels is available 24/7 over the internet (SaaS-Software as a Service), accessible from any device, with no installation needed and upgradable without your intervention.

Medical Informatics

MyHealthAngels is based and includes all major international standards of medical information systems (such as HL7) and dictionaries.

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