How can MyHealthAngels improve my life?



MyHealthAngels makes it very easy to transfer from your old software, to a new modern organizational environment, suitable for you who want to be close to the developments in digital health realm. MyHealthAngels is based on innovative, modern, and reliable software hardware - architecture, in which it is readily available over the Internet (SaaS-Software as a Service), ensuring you maximum availability at any time (24x7 operation), NO installation, and the ability to upgrade futures and functionalities without your intervention (4 times a year) and you, the doctor can use it immediately!


My Health Angels provides a very effective way of organizing your daily tasks while providing you the ability of directly exchanging information and medical data with your patients with full discretion, by providing you with an e-Clinical Health Record. MyHealthAngels allows you to have easy and at a glance, a comprehensive overview of the medical history, examinations, medical notes, procedures, allergies with auto-alert, medications taken and any other important medical data of your individual patient in one screen, to facilitate the assessments and your diagnosis, save you time and everything is well organized and tidy. The Clinical Health Record is complete and easy to use, with quick and effective extraction of clinical conclusions about the past, the present and future of patient!


Today, the system supports e-Prescription by connecting to the IDIKA system, so, now you the physician may be prescribe medication within the MyHealthAngels application! The application has an internal connection to the e-prescription system, so you do not need to keep changing systems for administering medication. MyHealthAngels immediately notifies you the physician that the examination results of your patients are out, so that you can intervene directly and effectively for the diagnosis!


The patient creates and owns his own Personal Health Record, that way he/she has all data gathered in one place, neat ad safe. Your patient is exempted from carrying a load of test packages, to have it in the right order (chronological or other) and He is relieved from the risk of loss or corrupted data from use or wear and tear. The Personal Health Record is consistent, recording data in an integrated manner and is constantly updated, is a direct service and increases quality of care, avoiding duplications, delays and mistakes. The patient is in constant cooperation with you, and thereby you are helping him to be always "okay" with you, the Doctor. The application with the e-notification future, immediately notifies the patient that the test results came out from you the physician, and at the same time it can update the patients Personal Medical File. Your patient also has the ability to be informed about personal and family care, by subscribing to the prevention and health promotion services provided through the MyHealthAngels system. A great new offer for your patient!


Furthermore, MyHealthAngels enables secure communication and collaboration with third parties such as diagnostic centers with which you work with, if they have the application. Using the API connection interface, the system can upload the final test results automatically for Clinical Health Record of you the doctor, and the Personal Health record of the patient. In this way, MyHealthAngels is a valuable and useful tool, which allows you to have a single centralized management of your cooperation with your colleagues and partner health agencies so that you save valuable time.


MyHealthAngels is based and includes all major international standards of medical information systems (such as HL7) and dictionaries (such as ICD-10, ICPC-2: International Classification of Primary Care), while the data is exchanged in the most secure manner. Thus, your medical information is protected both during transport and storage with high security encryption algorithms.